What’s an Owlephant anyway?

Owls have long been symbolic of wisdom in Western civilization. Athena, the goddess of wisdom herself, has an owl companion. Speaking of Athena, she is also the goddess of inspiration! In the east, on the other hand, elephants are the symbol of wisdom. They are also powerful and incredibly intelligent animals.

We strive to take the wisdom and far reaching sight of the owl and combine it with the strength, stability and persistence of the elephant and combine them into one emblem, the Owlephant.

Ready. Set. Go!

Ready to get started? Send us an email. Feel free to add as much or as little detail as you want. Seriously, tell us about your dog, or the last time you saw a sunset that took your breath away, or anything else you want. We can always talk business later, let’s get to know each other first.

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Who We Are

Owlephant Design Studios works with clients at all levels of technical competence to deliver quality websites and web assets. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward blog, a place to show off your photos or a fully functioning e-commerce site, we can make it happen for you.

Services range from simple assistance and advice, all the way up to fully custom websites built with a wide range of technologies. We want you to have the website that you want and will help you make the best choices along the way.

Meet The Team

Sean Hornsby

This is Sean. He’s the guy that will be wrangling the code and making your site.

Sean may be somewhat new to coding, but he isn’t new to business. He previously ran a successful electrical contracting business, where he picked up much of his small business savvy. That is also where he solidified his grasp of deep troubleshooting and project management.

In addition to managing the technical details here at Owlephant Design Studio, he handles… well, everything else. There are no layers here, nothing lost in intra-team translation, no need to “check with the boss.”

Now that you’ve met everyone, introduce yourself!

Latest Work

Restaurant Sample

Multi-page site with simple html and css. Media queries for responsiveness. Mobile first development.



Giving Back

Here at Owlephant Design Studio, we believe that we have a duty to improve the lives of others, whenever and however we can. Owlephant Design Studio accomplishes that in two ways. First, we donate a portion of our profits to charities picked by our clients, or to a list of charities we have assembled. Secondly, We offer our services at a reduced rate (or even free of charge) to non-profits and charitable orgnizations.